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Know Your Body Type/ Prakriti Analysis

Your Hair Density Is Curly, Thin & Dry Gray & Bald Silky, Dense
Your Finger Nails Are Cracking & Thin Pink/Soft & Medium Wide, White, Thick
How Your Skin Feels Dry Cherished & Wrinkles Oily & Smooth
Your Lips Are Cracking, Thin & Dry Medium & Soft Large & Smooth
How Is Your Body Weight Low & Bony Medium & Muscular Often Overweight
Your Height Is Tall or Short Average Thin & Sturdy / Short & Stocky
How Is Your Appetite Irregular Strong And Sharp Constant And Poor
Your Eyes Are Small, Active, Darting, Dark Eyes Medium Sized, Penetrating, Light sensitive Eyes Big, Round, Beautiful Glowing Eyes
Shape Of Your Face Is Long, Angular,Thin Heart-Shaped,Pointed Chin Large, Round, Full